Complete Social Media Management

We develop, hone and monitor your social media presence to promote awareness and engagement. Our tailored approach features a five step process:

  1. Target-Market(s) Identification & Analysis
  2. Account(s) Setup
  3. Content Creation & Delivery
  4. Results Reporting
  5. Continuous Monitoring

Social Media Education & Training

We help you understand what social media is and the differences between the various platforms. Whether you’re using social media for personal reasons, like staying in touch with family and friends, or for business purposes, like brand promotion, we have an answer to:

  • Which platform is right for me?
  • How do I protect myself, my information and my family?
  • What tools are available to measure my online presence?

Public Speaking Engagements

We bring passion, energy and relevancy to your event to ensure its the very best it can be. Your attendees will feel inspired and empowered with key-takeaways they can implement right away in their lives, businesses or organizations. Our speaking topics include, but are not limited to:

  • the importance of online privacy and how to protect yourself
  • social media marketing – how to use it and why it’s important
  • ways to cultivate entrepreneurship in your community

Ready to take a new approach to your social media? Let’s have lunch.