Campaign Results

15,000 reached monthly

1,300 page followers

677% increase in engagement

SBDC Daytona

Services we Performed

1) Target Market Analysis
2) Complete Social Media Accounts Tune-up
3) Customized Social Media Advertising Campaigns to Engage Target Customers
4) On-going Account Management including Responding to Requests and/or Comments
5) Regular Status Reports on Total Reach and New Content Development Strategies

In The Beginning

SBDC Daytona already had a substantial social media presence when our team was invited to help. The challenge was two-fold: engagement and distribution. A lot of information was being posted through their accounts but little user engagement was occurring. In addition, the distribution (total reach) was limited and inconsistent. We took a serious look at how the SBDC could utilize the programs, events, workshops and one-on-one consulting sessions to encourage other businesses and entrepreneurs to utilize their services.

How It Happened

We met with the SBDC Daytona team and asked detailed questions about why people came to their center to get business help and how that assistance impacted their business. Using this information, we came up with content strategies like client success stories and combined those with the social media advertising tools for distribution. The results have proved to be amazing. In addition, we meet with the team on a regular basis, participate in their events and attend client visits to capture relevant content.