Campaign Results

5,000 reached monthly

344 page followers

5 customer reviews

KO Floors, Inc.

Services we Performed

1) Target Market Analysis
2) Facebook Account Tune-up and Twitter Account Setup & Launch
3) Customized Social Media Advertising Campaigns to Engage Target Customers
4) On-going Account Management including Responding to Request and/or Comments
5) Regular Status Reports on Total Reach

In The Beginning

A limited social media presence was online for KO Floors. A Facebook business page existed but no new content was being added and the last time the page had been updated was more than 1 year ago. Everything had become stale and no user engagement existed. In addition, the page wasn’t cross-linked on their website so little promotion was being done. We immediately tuned-up the page and launched a Twitter account to build out KO Floor’s social media efforts.

How It Happened

We met with the owner of the company and showed him the current situation. At the same time, we brought to the table the pages of some of his competitors for comparison. Then we asked a series of questions to learn about the business and its goals. Using this information, we developed a social media advertising campaign and recommendations for content development. We meet with the business owner once a month to review the activity.