Campaign Results

500 reached monthly

1,300 total followers

200 Cross-Links


Services We Performed

  1. Target Market Analysis
  2. Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Google+ Account Setup & Launch
  3. All Organic Strategy to Engage and Build Florida’s Entrepreneurial Community
  4. On-going Account Management with Responding to Requests and/or Comments
  5. Regular Reports on Total Followers and Engagement

In the Beginning

FLVEC didn’t have any social media presence and wanted a practical plan to raise the visibility for Florida’s entrepreneurial community using a grass-roots approach. The goal was to foster a strong and engaging following while at the same time building brand recognition.

How it Happened

We started by meeting with the organization’s stakeholders to understand their vision of the entrepreneurial community they wanted to build. Based on this information, our team developed a social media strategy that focused on promoting the entrepreneurs already in Florida, delivering updates on business news and events and cross-promoting other business resource agencies from around Florida. Regular reports were provided to the stakeholders along with recommendations for how the social media campaign could be enhanced.