Campaign Results

5,000 reached monthly

276 page followers

324 percent increase

DDR Roofing LLC

Services we Performed

1) Target Market Analysis
2) Existing Social Media Account Review and Updates
3) Customized Social Media Advertising Campaigns Engage Target Customers
4) On-going Account Management including Responding to Requests and/or Comments
5) Regular Status Reports on Total Reach and Engagement

In The Beginning

DDR Roofing already had their social media accounts active but updates were limited, there was no consistency across the accounts and followers were not engaged. In addition, no reviews were listed so potential customers didn’t have a way to gauge the quality of their work. We completed a thorough updating of all of their accounts to bring consistency and then launched our targeted campaigns to build brand awareness in the marketplace for their roofing services.

How It Happened

It’s so important for us to meet with our clients in-person so we started by meeting with the business owner to understand their unique goals and objectives. We then performed market research to identify all of their active social media accounts and the specific interests of their target customers. Based on this information, we develop a customized promotional campaign using social media advertising tools to reach new and existing customers. Once a month we met with the business owner to review the results and make adjustments as necessary.